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DESTRUCTION - Under Attack / Album Of The Year 2016 / The Aebyss Portal

German legendary thrash metal band DESTRUCTION released the album 'Under Attack' in 2016. The album was a candidate in a poll run by The Aebyss Portal, which is a metal dedicated radio show on Radio Sarajevo and a news portal. The voting was open for everybody and was entirely public. DESTRUCTION's 'Under Attack" received the most votes and thus won the hand-made award for the Album Of The Year 2016. The award is made of metal, entirely by hand by a famous Bosnian artist Omar Krasnic. Check out his work here: Previous winners of the award are: 2015 | VENOM - From The Very Depths 2014 | ICED EARTH - Plagues Of Babylon 2013 | SNAKE EATER - Dabar The poll is open again, for 2017 and you can vote for your favorite albums of the year, right here: May the best one win!